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We all know that we should make a will at some point but most of us leave it until much later in life.

Death can strike at anytime. In 2004 alone there were 3,221 fatalities on Britain's roads and yet around 20 million of us have yet to make a Will. Not making a Will can cause all sorts of problems for those you leave behind. Many people think that everything automatically passes to certain people upon their death. But this is not always the case.

We will help you make your wishes clear so there can be no error, leaving you happy in the knowledge that you have done everything you can to protect yours and your loved ones' futures. Many people even make plans for their pets.

People have different circumstances

This is why there are several types of Will. When we see it all on paper, our lives are often not as simple as we first thought.

Married Couples
Without a Will, it is not certain that your spouse will directly inherit your assets, unless they are jointly owned. Do not assume that all your assets are jointly owned, this is not always the case

Unmarried Couples
Without a Will your partner may not receive anything! Your entire estate will probably be divided between your children; if you don't have any children then your assets will be shared between your relatives.

Divorced or Separated
Without a Will your 'ex-spouse' could still be entitled to claim a part of your assets!

Parents of Young Children
By making a Will you can ensure that the courts are aware of who you wish to care for your children in the event of your death.

New Children
Your Will needs updating if you have new members of your family to include in your wishes.

Change Of Address
The value of your new home may affect your inheritance tax status.

Civil Partnerships
From a financial point of view it is essential that you make a Will in order to safeguard your wishes for your partner. Gay couples often have several issues that need to be taken into account.
For example: Previous marriages and children.

If you have financial interests abroad (including property) then a UK Will will not cover this, although your foreign assets will still be taken into account when it comes to inheritance tax. You will still require a UK Will for your UK assets and you should also consult an expert abroad concerning a foreign Will. This is because UK law has no jurisdiction abroad..

Have your circumstances recently changed?

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